History of Bomber jackets

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Fashion changes with time and almost all the clothing style fades away with time, however, there some clothing trends that have made their place for eternity. The bomber jacket is one of most popular clothing and the only military piece of cloth that survived years and goes through lots of movement and finally integrated them to the society. The jacket contains a rich history which can be traced from its original for military purpose through several movements such as punk and skin hand movements, gay communities in the 80’s. A recently the bomber jacket trend have acquired a place of iconic style in the fashion world among high standard as well as casual clothing. The jacket got evolved with time and people started experimenting with different color, texture, and fabric. The jacket is not a trend it has surpassed the trend thing a long time ago now it became a timeless wardrobe essential for everyone and one wants to miss out on these jackets.

The bomber jacket was initially were created for the soldiers and military purpose and given the name flight jacket. With time the jacket experienced some changes and improvements including various styles and became letterman jacket finally now we know it by the name of Bomber jackets. In world war 1 most of the airplanes cockpits were not properly enclosed and the pilots feel very cold while flying it. To overcome this trouble the department started distributing a leather heavy-duty leather jacket with high wraparound collars, zipper closures with wind flaps, snug cuffs, and waists. In general, the jacket was introduced long before the world war also as in the time when propeller aircrafts became popular. People discovered leather jacket to keep the pilot warm and safe at while flying. The planes supposed to be flying at very higher altitudinal to keep the body warm and maintain proper blood circulation leather jackets were the perfect tool. However, the jackets with cuff sleeves, style look were good even with today’s fashion standards. The look and attractive charm of the jacket made it popular and the reborn as flight jacket finally became the bomber jacket.

In American history there were two most iconic fleece jackets, the A-1 and G-1 jackets. After invention the A-1 jackets run for 12 years in the military and then got canceled as everyone wanted something better. A-2 came into existence more fitted and leaned type jacket for the military persons. Whereas G-1 was taken by the navy for the pilots until 1978 and then the jacket got revamped by new stylists. Bomber jacket is the most fashionable part of the wardrobe that never lost its shining as with time it got to indulge in every style and demand of the people.

The bomber adjacent came to civilians in the 1970’ after when it became popular with scooter boys and skinheads. Many movies started picking up as the jacket as the fashion trend that gives the jackets as supersonic push among civilians. In 1980’s baseball bomber jacket go famous and went viral among the baseball fans. After that, the jacket keeps spreading its reach the hip-hop world accepted it as the trademark for hip-hoppers. Many police departments in the United States started using the jackets ass part of the uniform.

The true resurgence of the flight jacket was experienced in 2010 , the street culture boomed with the jackets and everyone can be seen with hot and styled jackets. The celebrities like Kanye West and Eminent made the bomber jacket a new thing again among the people following them and the trend keeps going until now.

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