Check this quick guide for getting stiletto nails!

  • by Archie Isaac
  • 1 year ago
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If you are a nail art enthusiast, you must have heard about stiletto nails. For the uninitiated, stiletto nails are all about pointy shapes – just like a stiletto! There’s no denying that stiletto nails are edgy and trendy, and if your nails are long enough, you can do the filing at home without visiting a nail studio. Please note that almond or ballerina nails are not same as stiletto nails. Well, stiletto nails stand for style and statement and are high on maintenance. If you don’t want to take that kind of effort, you can always choose to get nail sets, which are pretty inexpensive. However, you may need more than a few sets because the nails are pointy and tend to break, chip and fall off.

For the art ideas, you can check Ms Mee’s Stiletto Nails, which have pictures from ladies around the world, and expectedly, you can try endless ideas

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