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Five Ways to Reduce the Impact of your Fashion on the Environment

  • by Archie Isaac
  • 7 Months ago
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The fashion industry is consuming our resources, pollutes Earth, and tampers with our ethical standards. These impacts of the industry on the environment are disastrous. But, despite fashion’s global scale, there is still time to change how we interact with clothes and the shoes we cannot say no to. Aside from being conscious about what we wear, we must act on it. Below are some ways to reduce the impact of our fashion on the environment:

Purchase Less

Excessive consumerism is the root of the problem. These days, we think that purchasing new clothes will make us happy. We like to buy more than we need. It is time to reconsider our lifestyle’s foundations. Keep in mind that even if you wear the greenest garment, it was still produced using resources which can affect the environment.

Choose Sustainable Brands

There are more and more fashion brands that consider the environmental and social effects of their production. Find these brands and even if you may still have limited choices, you can surely get a good buy at a good price. In fact, even if you have to pay more for sustainable clothing than you would with fast fashion clothes, you know what lies behind those low prices. Learn more about sustainable clothing at https://fibertechinc.net/sustainable-clothing/.

Opt for Better Quality

As brands sell their clothes cheap, consumers no longer care about quality. They just purchase new garments once their current clothes have lost their appeal or shape. Plus, many people experience buying expensive clothes only to find out they cannot wear them two months after because they already look old. Now is the time to stop purchase poor quality clothes. This will push brands to improve their garments’ quality.

Reuse your Clothes Instead of Dispose of Them

Rather than throwing your clothes in the normal bins, think about repairing them. Also, you can donate your old clothes to a charitable group, neighbors, family, or friends. But, if you really have to throw them away, place them in a textile recycling. This way, they can be recycled to make new pieces.

Be Careful with How your Wash your Clothes

Washing your clothes can significantly impact the environment. This is because you may need to use many liters of water for it. Indeed, heating the washing water and running the drying cycle can take so much energy. To reduce this impact, make use of an energy-efficient washing machine, wear your clothes more than once, reduce the number of loads, and use green detergent.

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