How to pair denim jackets with jeans – Style guide

  • by Archie Isaac
  • 1 year ago
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You might have seen your favorite star pulling off jeans on denim perfectly in a TV show or a movie. It is an obvious thought that comesto everyone’s mind that is it possible to pull double denim that perfectly? Well, there are ways to pull it off and look amazing. Denim is something that is not going to get out of style in near future. You might get bored with your denim collection and may wear the collection you have 100s of times before you throw them out but denim will remain in style. The looks and stitch patterns do change with time and latest trends but the fabric and the feelremain the same.

Pair new with old:

When it comes to pairing denim with denim, it is always good to pair an old pair of jeans with a new jacket or vice versa. If you keep both new, you may look tacky. You can also try washed out colored denim, like Monte Carlo jackets with a new one that will give you a whole new look.

Pay attention to the fit:

No matter what color of denim you choose to wear, you have to make sure that it is a perfect fit. A baggy pair of jeans will not look good with a loose jacket. A fit pair of jeans with the open jacket will look more suitable for any occasion. Skinny jeans should look good with the slim fit jacket. On the other hand, a cropped denim jacket with goes a long way with low-rise jeans.

Focus on the quality:

When it comes to denim, the quality of the fabric also plays a vital role. At the time of pairing denim with denim, you should make sure that the quality of both the pieces matches perfectly.

Feel free to break the rules:

When we talk about the rules in dressing, there are basically no rules which you cannot break. The same goes with denim on denim as well. Rules are meant to be broken and denim is the perfect way to do it. You do not have to follow the rules strictly. The main aim should be on finding the right combination for you. You are going to get dressed to please your eyes and not the crowds’.

Mix the shades:

These days, denim comes in a lot of colors and styles. You can mix the shades and experiment with the looks. Lighter color jackets for men goes a long way with dark jeans which you can easily find in Levi’s jeans collection. Raw denim bottom with washed and lighter denim jacket also goes perfectly. As long as the double denim does not look same in color or shade, you are good to go.

Double denim has been a hot fashion trend for decades and it is not going to fade anytime soon. The denim on denim looks amazing on both men and women. You need to keep a few factors in mind while matching them and every once in a while, feel free to break the rules as well. After all, it is about your choice.

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