Match your Attire with Summer hues

  • by Archie Isaac
  • 12 Months ago
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Getting dressed up during the hottest time of the year and still looking presentable can be a juggle for many women. But this summer, you can say goodbye to all your clothing woes. You can pick from a chic and stylish collection of skirts for women, paired up with cool tops – which is a foolproof way to get through the hot summer season without breaking a sweat. Team it up with complementary shades, comfortable shoes, and fashionable hats. And voila, you are summer ready!

Another confusion most women face while choosing their summer attire is what color to wear. And the answer is to mix dynamic bright hues with neutral colors for a harmonious balance. Some of the favorite summer hues are pastels, petal pink, yellows, and stone blue, which keep you cooler by reflecting light. And it is no secret that factors like hair, eye, and skin tone count, too, in choosing the perfect summer hue.

Look for fresh summer-ready India-inspired wardrobe in a variety of right combinations of tops and skirts for women. You do that and you can be the epitome of fashion in your group. The following combination ideas from our fashion experts will help you match your attire with summer hues:

  1. Pair a light-colored abstract print maxi skirt with a darker-colored cotton top (for example, yellow with red) for a classy look.
  2. Elevate your style with a black above-knee printed polyester skirt teamed up with a blue printed cotton shirt.
  3. A multi-color, straight-cut, full-length skirt with side slits teamed up with a white loose cropped top will give you the perfect casual look.
  4. For a comfortable evening outing, a classic black-and-white skirt with a light-colored top is the best option.
  5. Another charming choice for a casual occasion would be an indigo-colored mini skirt made of cotton fabric teamed with a printed top.

Take your pick; you can choose from a wide range of beautiful skirts (pleated, flared, printed, full-length, mini, etc.) for everyday use. With plenty to choose from Indian clothing options, you can wear fashion on your sleeve on a daily basis.

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