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Tips for choosing the best wedding jewelry for a traditional bride

  • by Archie Isaac
  • 1 year ago
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Jewelry can make a bride feel complete as it is the core part of a traditional bride’s attire which adds a rather exquisite and unique look  for her D-Day. It goes without mentioning that bridal jewelry adds a special glamour to the aura of the bride and forms a noteworthy part of the wedding trousseau. Every bride nurtures the dream of having the look of a princess on her marriage ceremony and this can be achieved by choosing the best jewelry.

As long as style is concerned, go ahead and break the traditional rules. Here are few tips to let you look the best which also includes the wedding jewelry.

Tip #1: Overdoing is a common mistake

The foremost tip provided by experts as long as buying your wedding jewelry is concerned is not to go overboard. You may find it hard to resist yourself from baubles and bling, would you wish to risk by allowing your wedding jewelry to outshine you? Follow the mantra ‘less is more’ as this will let you stick to the few pieces instead of accessorizing every single part of your body. 

Tip #2: Your metals should match your wedding dress

Are you someone who can’t decide between whether to buy gold jewelry or diamond? Well, if this is your case, let the color of your gown make the choice. In case the color of your gown is white, you can create the brightest hue with diamond rings, diamond jewelry, or platinum pieces. For a gown that’s ivory in color, gold jewelry will enhance the look of your gown and in case it’s champagne in color, it is gold jewelry that will again add to the look.

Tip #3: Take into account the neckline of the dress

The neckline of your gown will play a vital role in framing the entire look of your face. You can let it do its job by choosing the best jewelry, which pairs perfectly. If you have a strapless neckline, make sure you wear a short necklace, probably a choker. A diamond choker will do wonders.

Tip #4: Don’t overwhelm yourself while buying jewelry

If you see that deciding on your wedding jewelry is taking more time than finding you a wedding gown, you have to streamline your search. Look for a piece of jewelry that you absolutely adore and in which you would love to invest.

Therefore, if you’ve been deciding between gold, silver and diamond jewelry, let your wedding dress make the decision. Choose something that will not only enhance your look but also not outshine your beauty.

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