Top Eye Catching Chrome Nail Trends

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The new trend of chrome nails is taking the beauty world by storm and this trend has also become an internet sensation for the past few months. The reason this trend has gained so much popularity is that they look gorgeous, striking and glamorous. Even though they look luxurious, the trend is easy to achieve and affordable too! In this article, we will list the top chrome nail styles, if you want to know more, visit 50 Eye-Catching Chrome Nails to Revolutionize Your Nail Game for more information.

Chrome nails have a metallic shine and high polish finish that takes reflectiveness to the next level, instead of traditional metallic colored nail polish, chrome isn’t nail polish instead its normal chrome powder that is applied to base polish. The final effect you get from these chrome nails is a three-dimensional reflection of light. The finish looks really enticing because it’s smoother than glitter and glossier than metallic nail polish. If you love the sleek and glamorous look then go for this trend, you will love it for sure. The end result depends on the color that you choose and the way that you apply it, if done correctly you can achieve the holographic mirrored effect.

Chrome powders are very tricky and messy to apply if you don’t know the method that goes behind its application, so it’s advised to go to a professional manicurist and get it done to get the best results. If you don’t have the time to go to a salon, then you learn the method properly with some effort. The powder can be applied properly and gently with a sponge applicator. Since you have to layer some of the chrome powder over base polish, because of this you have countless possibilities for your own chrome powders.

Chrome nails have become a trend that everyone can enjoy at least once in their life, there are so many ways you can style chrome nails and some of them are listed below:

  1. Short silver Chrome nail manicure:

If you are really into the nail chrome trend but don’t want to go overboard then this style is for you. It’s simple, solid, and is bound to get you a lot of compliments. It’s not too flashy so, the trend will work with every look without looking gaudy.

  1. Baby pink with one metallic chrome nail:

Another chrome trend is just adding the shiny effect to one nail per hand. By painting the rest of your nails a pastel pink and keeping only one fingernail chromed, this will consume less time and also look really pretty. By adding some rhinestones you can make them look designer.

  1. Pointy green chrome nails:

Another way to make your nails stand out is chroming them in a color that is not too main stream. A deep blue-grey-green hue is a great choice; its unique element will be perfect for anyone who wants to try something new. To make the nails edgier (literally) you can file the nails in such a way that they look sharp and pointy.

  1. Sophisticated Pink Silver Chrome nail ideas:

You know what will pair well with that beautiful ring? A fresh manicure! So, go ahead and get a metallic pink manicure with silver undertones that can complement your dazzling new diamond ring. Women usually gravitate towards this trend because it’s feminine and absolutely.


Chrome manicures can seem overwhelming to look at, but you should never be afraid to try something new. This trend will help take your nail game to the level; if you are still unsure you can start with minimal nail trends and build up from there.

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