What you Should Know about Dress Shirts

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The dress shirt you wear frames your face. It can improve your sports jacket or be his outfit’s centerpiece. This makes details of dress shirts matter. People usually notice you on any given day through your shirt. It communicates with the people around you. Because your shirt speaks for you, ensure it is saying what you intend.

A proper dress shirt is a button-up shirt that has a collar, wrist cuffs, and long sleeves. Often, it is made from a cotton fabric woven and dyed into different patterns and colors. As these characteristics are altered, your dress shirt can send the message you are ready to meet with the CEO.

Ensuring the Perfect Fit

It is important to wear a dress shirt that fits you perfectly. However, the ready-made garments out there are made to fit many wearers. This can result in you compromising somewhere when your shift fits you in the neck but fails you in the sleeves. That is why you must ensure you buy a shirt that really fits you. It should be comfortable for you. If you are a bigger guy, you will be good wearing a looser fit but if you are petite and thin, you need a more form cut.

Fabrics Dress Shirts are Often Made Of

When you visit boutiques and shops, you will find dress shifts made of the following fabrics:

  • Cotton. This is a common fabric of choice. A finely woven cotton fabric displays the properties you could want from a garment, great heat and moisture conduction, smoothness, and durability. Most tailored dress shirts are made from cotton.
  • Silk. This luxury fabric features sheen and light drape. Expect dress shirts made of silk to be a bit expensive.
  • Man-made fibers. While these fibers do not have the same desirable properties as cotton, they are available at a much lower price. They are usually resistant to stains and wrinkles.


Dress shirts can have solid, stripe, and checked patterns. A solid shirt helps you better display your garment’s fit and style. Stripe-patterned shirts look great with a solid colored suit. Finally, checked shirts have the least formal pattern and must be worn carefully in business. A lot of men think that wearing checked shirts with a suit will look overpowering. But, others do not mind as long as they do not mix like patterns. The best option for a checked shirt is to combine with a solid suit and a striped tie.

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